Friendships That Transcend ~ Urgent Prayer for Joanne

Today when I logged in to my Facebook there was News in the Feed that I did not want.  One of my first blog friends and subsequently In Real Life friend, Joanne at The Simple Wife, has suffered a stroke and undergone surgery today.  I can’t tell you how this has just shaken me and so many others to the core.  She’s 38, takes excellent care of herself, has a terrific family.  She’s the kind of friend you can talk to about everything or nothing.  I’ll never forget first meeting her in San Antonio and my being amazed at how tall she is and her at how short I am.  We had great fun with it.  Okay, maybe her more than me.  The look on my face is my response to her heckling me over my height.  (Great. Sydney just saw this picture and said, “Man, mom.  You’re a shrimp.”)  Thanks.

I’m fully believing God for complete healing and that  in a short time we’ll be having great fun with Joanne again.    

Would you please, please join me in intercession for her, husband Toben, and daughters Audrey and Emma?

UPDATE:  Joanne’s friend Janna has posted an update and a request on a way we can help on her blog.  Please visit!