How You Can Help Joanne

I ‘talked’ with Janna briefly last night and she let me know she plans to make a bunting to decorate Joanne’s room with all the scriptures her friends are praying over her.  With beautiful paper of course because Joanne wouldn’t have it any other way. *grin*  Please visit Janna’s blog post (not this one) to leave your entries so yours can be included.  A scripture that comes to me when I think of this is Psalm 60:4  “But you have raised a banner for those who honor you– a rallying point in the face of attack.’   Another versions says, ‘so they may display it because of the truth’.  The thoughts of these banners waving over her in her room as a rallying point of truth make me cry all over again. 

Also, Toben has posted an update on Joanne’s blog and will be twittering updates as well.  You can follow him at tobenheim.

Keep the prayers and keep the faith!