Introducing….Called Out!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Rachel and I am so excited I get to introduce you to Called Out– A place where wisdom’s words speak out so we may better live out whatever it is He’s called us to do. Four years ago I left home as a young newlywed, bound for a ministry position in an entirely different region ofthe country. God knew I’d need more wisdom than I had at the time to do what it was He had destined for my life. In His mercy He placed specific mentors in my life, women I aspire to be when I grow up. In His sovereignty I stumbled across Lisa’s blog. What I found was a voice of someone walking in my shoes with a heart to encourage, educate and even entertain women like me. A good belly laugh can do wonders for a heart a littlebeaten up by life.

Our hope is for Called Out to be an extension of the ministry of this website. We want to hear from you! Whether you’re new to ministry or seasoned, ministering in the inner-city or on the mission field, pastor’s wife or faithful volunteer, church planter or pastor’s kid, if God has taught you something that may encourage someone else, we would love to hear it. Don’t feel like writing an article, but know someone who might? Send them a link tothis post. Our desire is for each article published here to glorify God as writers share pieces of wisdom from their unique stories to encourage fellow believers.We love the diversity within the Body of Christ and hope that the great variety of our walks will enhance the common bond we have in serving Christ and His Church.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when submitting an article:


*We reserve the right to edit for clarity and grammar.
*The use of scripture is encouraged.
*Any attached artwork or graphics will not be published.
*Word count should not exceed 1,000 words.
*Include a 2-3 sentence bio and, if applicable, a link to your blog.

Any questions? Ready to submit your article? Email us at SUBMISSIONS@APREACHERSWIFE.COM.  Every few weeks I’ll throw out some ideas of specific types of articles/themes we’re looking for. The pitches won’t be limitations of what’s accepted, rather, they’ll be inspiration for writers who may need a little help getting those fingers typing.

If you’d like to know who I am, I’m a mid-western girl living in the south. My husband Danny is a youth pastor. We’ve been married for four and a half years and up until last spring, we worked together serving youth. Now, I stay home with our (almost 3-year-old!) daughter. If I have any brain cells left when bed time rolls around, I blog about our life at The Hinton Home.  It’s the best way to keep our far away family up todate, but if I go a couple of days without posting, the grandparents are sure to let me know. They make for some demanding readers. :) My hope for my life in ministry is that no matter how painful it can be at times, I never lose sight of the incredible privilege it is for God to use me to serve others.I look forward to the privilege of serving you.