Accomplishing Some Stuff

So you may have noticed that there are some cool things going on around here.  Cool to me, anyway. 

A while back I pitched out a request for some administrative help on the M2M Blogroll and also for someone to edit a column for guest bloggers.  After a lot of delays due to a move to a new house, a discovery I have no internet access at the new house, and a subsequent discovery that I could tether my cell to my laptop as a last resort, the blogroll position has been wonderfully filled and we now have a new column….Called Out!  I am already so excited about the email response to the request for submissions. You can get to know Chrissy and Rachel more by visiting their links in the sidebar.  Chrissy is doing a fabulous job brainstorming ways to keep you girls connected.  Rachel has provided writing guidelines on becoming a guest blogger if you are so compelled.  Their features will run on Fridays on an alternating schedule.  Chrissy and Rachel, THANK YOU.  What a relief it is to know I’ve got some back up!  I truly want this site to be a good resource for ministry wives and lay people alike.  Having these areas underway frees my mind to work on other things. 

One of those other things was finally getting the ‘I AM’ Bible Study links updated.  This little study was one of the first things I did with this blog and I still get regular requests to see it updated.  When I moved to wordpress all of the lessons lost their formatting so I think I have finally gotten them at least readable.  You can find the Table of Contents here or under the ‘Studying’ link in my top navigation bar.  I left all of the old comments intact because they are such sweet memories to me, however, feel free to add your own if you work through the lessons.  I am considering running the study again but blogging has changed so much over the past four years I don’t know if there is truly a niche for it any more.  Would love your thoughts on that!

I’m jumping off here to resume our rainy Saturday night of doing absolutely nothing.  Are y’all drowning like we are?

Have a wonderful Lord’s Day!