Featured M2M Blogs {14}

September 23rd – October 6th

Be sure to visit these ladies, connect with them, and read more about their hearts, their journeys and their families!

Bethany @ Confessions of a Chosen One
Stephanie @ Confessions of a Not So Perfect PW
Amanda @ Confessions of a Wannabe Supermom
Sara @ Confessions of the Pastor’s Wife
Cheryl @ Mrs Preacher

This is not a blog contest.  This is just a way to put your blog in a more accessible spot to allow more women to find your link, visit your blog and connect with you.  The Featured M2M Blogs are listed down the right hand column of The Preacher’s Wife.  We will choose five new blogs every two weeks on Fridays.  To become a featured blog, all you have to do is be listed on the M2M Blogroll and be an active blogger.  Email m2mblogroll[at]apreacherswife[dot]com to request to add your blog to the blogroll.