The Birthday that Keeps On Giving

Sydney’s 9th birthday was this month.  I’m not sure how you do it around your house, but here it seems the birthdays just keep going on and on and on.  Take my girl for example:

1. This is Syd the night before her birthday.  The anticipation is high.  I miss the ability to get this excited over myself.

2. This is her on the way to school on The Big Day.  She is eating a Chicken Noodle Soup at Hand for her special breakfast. Please don’t judge.


3.  Party #1:  Syd and I baked brownies for her 3rd grade class the night before because – according to her – “they are so much more awesome than cupcakes.”  The highlight was the homemade icing.  Hopefully that made up for the Soup at Hand breakfast.

4.  Time for opening presents after school.  I will spare you all of the pics, but this one captures Syd and her present state of maturity.  I have to be out of town a lot and it now grieves her when I take the flat iron and good blow dryer.  We got her a black/white/pink adorable one and a matching dryer that I would like to keep for myself.  Guess what?  The hair care implements were her favorite thing.  It’s my legacy to her.

5.  I have no pics for point five but I took Sydney with me to a retreat I taught for my beloved Georgia home girls  in Pigeon Forge, TN.  Syd and I shopped during our breaks.  Her favorite purchase at the outlets?  A 1/2 pound block of chocolate fudge.  Have I used the word Legacy?

6.  The  Sleepover:  This is where I am coronated as Mom of the Year.  Syd invited four of her besties to spend the night this past Friday.  Please note the Braveheart facepaint on her friend, C.   I am very happy they were content with making friendship bracelets rather than insist on more face painting because there is a limit to my crazy and that would have pushed me right over it.


7.  After taking the previous picture I felt compelled to re-enter the room when I heard the phrase, “Be careful!  You might pull her out of socket!”  This is a little game we play called Medieval Torture and the girls loved it.  And no one came out of socket which is apparently how you win.

 8.  Killing several birds with one stone:  I had been out of town teaching for two weekends in a row prior to this one which also means I had missed Sawyer and Sam’s football games.  (Mom Fail.) So, it was absolutely necessary that the girls go to the football game which I’m certain is just exactly what Syd had envisioned for the night.  Thankfully my friend Carrie L. had the fabulous idea of hosting a post-game tailgate party.  This meant several things:  I got to attend my son’s ballgame.  I could have Syd’s cake and party food at said party.  I didn’t have to wreck my kitchen with all the festivities.  Win. Win. Win.  Wait.  Does Syd have her jacket on inside out?  I really believe she does.  Please look away from the girl in the inside out jacket until her mom can fix that.

 9. This picture has nothing to do with Sydney but I’m obsessed with it.  This must have been during a defense series because Sawyer is on the sideline. (Did you notice how I threw in the term, ‘series’ there? Don’t be impressed.  It’s the extent of my knowledge.)  What I have learned is that Sawyer is a  left guard on offense.  I’ve remember his position by telling myself he is not the deodorant (Right Guard).   Anyway, of all the people he could stand beside, he chose his dad aka Luke, Pastor by Day, Team Chaplain by Friday Night.  This is pure joy to me.


Syd’s birthday celebration has officially come to a close but never fear, Sam’s is in October so we get to do it all over again.

With 12 year old boys.

How do you do birthdays?