A Winner and a Loser

First of all, I promised y’all a winner on Tuesday of the 2nd Casting Crowns cd and because I am a blog unregenerate, I forgot to announce. Without further delay…. Congratulations to Lavonda! Lavonda, I must tell you how scientifically you were chosen. I asked the kids to pick a number from the entries and they both chose 12. How often do they agree? NEVER. So Jesus loves you and so do I.  Message me your mailing address and I’ll get this in the mail to you.  There will be one last copy given away Friday (tomorrow) for those ministry wives who participated in Chrissy’s Fall Photo Extravaganza.

In other news, just when I thought life was in the calm down mode I looked at Elijah’s basketball schedule and he has three games per week for the next sweet forever.  He is also in Beta Club and told me at 9:30 Wednesday night he was supposed to bring sandwiches Thursday morning to sell for a fundraiser at school.  Picture me making an early morning dash to the grocery store in yoga pants and t-shirt  and throwing together ham sandwiches in the teacher’s lounge all before 10 a.m.  Our principal just rolls his eyes at me.  Forget PTO.  I am chief of the Loser Mom Tribe.

Then I stopped the car at the mechanic’s to schedule repair for tomorrow, went to the builder’s supply to pick up materials for the painter and carpenter, had an accidental eye appointment because I lost one of the last pair of contacts I had and the office no longer gives trials.  Gratefully, Jesus loves me too because they happened to have a cancellation at the exact time I walked in the office.  Now, I can see clearly enough to know that this post is lame but I don’t have time to fix it because we have to leave for a basketball game.

Monday, I’ll do better.  I think.