Featured M2Ms {17} – Fall photos

November 4th – 17th

We have some great fall photos to share this week! Be sure to visit these ladies, connect with them, and read more about their hearts, their journeys and their families!

 Jenifer @ Sweet Blessings

 Jen @ Be Thou Exalted

 Annette @ In Wonder

 Jan @ Gran Jan’s Joy

 Stephanie @ Confessions of a Not So Perfect PW

As always, this is not a blog contest.  This is just a way to put your blog in a more accessible spot to allow more women to find your link, visit your blog and connect with you.


In two weeks, on November 18th, I would love to feature posts about giving thanks! For example: share photos or a list of what you are thankful for, share favorite Bible verses about giving thanks, write about how you and your family give thanks during the Thanksgiving season.

If you post about giving thanks on your blog and you want to be featured on November 18th, just email the link to your post to m2mblogroll[at]apreacherswife[dot]com by November 16th!


In everything, give thanks. :)


M2M Blogroll Administrator