Are You a Good Girlfriend?

And here is where I make confession #1012 here on the ‘ole blog:  I’m a terrible friend.

I’m a loner by nature and even though I love being with people, I recharge by retreating to a lonesome place.  I’ve always reasoned this stems from having four children so close together that consumed my every waking moment for years upon end that when they finally started school I was way behind on solitude.  Until the past year I was perfectly fine if I didn’t speak to one person all day until everyone came home from school and work.  I realized it had caught up with me not too long ago when I was at home studying (another thing that often demands confinement)  and a thought hit me with force…”I am lonely.”

I really haven’t done much about it because the bulk of what ever free time I have is typically when every girl I know is busy with a punch-the-clock job or her own life and it’s hard for me to catch up with my family and friends in Georgia because by the time I can get there it’s time to turn right around and come get the kids from school.  But, if I have any resolutions for 2012 it is to find ways of being more intentional in my friendships.  Thankfully, I don’t have to search far because I have a tool – a new book – written by my dear friend Mary Snyder that speaks to just this issue.


I just got mine in the mail this week and started reading today.  Mary and I have so much in common so I found myself connecting with her own initial girlfriend issues from page 1.  Mary has gone a step further and turned a personal search into real, relevant ministry and I’m so incredibly happy to watch God use her in a way so perfectly suited to her.   I’m even more excited that she is going to teach the bible study sessions for my home church retreat in March!

Now is where I get to bless you with a giveaway of a copy of her book.  Her publisher sent me two but – even though I love y’all – I’m being very stingy with mine.  To enter simply leave a comment on this post about one thing that has worked for you in terms of connecting with other women.  I know young moms especially will want some advice.  That season of life was so incredibly hard for me to get bathed every day much less make it to play dates or story time at the library.

I will leave the comments open until Thursday at which point I will randomly select a winner.

In the meantime, visit Mary’s blog to learn more about her life, book,  and ministry.  I’ve also just learned she is giving away two copies of her book and a movie gift certificate so enter here, enter there and chances are great you will walk away with GG&G and maybe a movie for grins.  Sounds like a good GNO to me!