Playing with My Christmas Present

Luke and I don’t typically buy one another anything for Christmas because we have four kids and do I need to say anything else? So I was shocked when he took me on a date and told me he was buying me (us) a camera. I’d been wanting one for a long time that would be better for taking sports pics of the kids and so he got no argument from me whatsoever. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and jump on board when Daddy’s feeling generous.

I’ve taken almost 4000 pictures (really) but I will spare you and just pitch out a few that are my favorites in the first folder I’ve just started sorting through. (Speaking of sorting, if you are someone who takes lots of photos can you give me tips on the best programs for organizing, storing etc?  I need to host them somewhere besides my server since my space is limited if that is even possible.)

If it appears I have lots more pictures of Sydney than anyone else it’s because she will stand still and let me use her for a guinea pig.  In this first one I needed to warm her up. I won’t tell you what I said to make her laugh.  It may or may not have included potty humor.


 I absolutely love the colors in this one.  I have no idea how I did it.

I have no idea what I did to this one of Elijah either but the vintage-y colors remind me of the Elf on the Shelf.

If Elijah is Happy Elf in the last photo, he’s Not Happy Elf in this one.  This was the 411th time I had snapped his picture Christmas Day and he was over it.  This is one of the only ones Sawyer will let me post of him because he doesn’t like his hair.  He is a girl.

This background of Sam looks like Rivendell is off in the distance.  Points if you know the reference.  Trust me though, it isn’t a Rivendell over there.  Those few scraggly trees are all that’s left of our woods.  I will not be sad.

I’m not typically a fan of the blown-out look but this is straight from the camera and made Syd look so sunshine-y that I didn’t touch it.

Syd has a long way to go with throwing symbols and making thug faces.  Translated, this one means, “Peace Out and Happy New Year”.