The Week (And It’s Recap) That Keeps On Giving

First I want to say thank you for those who took time to read through and share your reactions to the book introduction I posted.  They were so helpful and as soon as I finish a couple of tweaks I will post the first chapter. Like I said before, it may never make it to publishing but considering the fact my fetal position will become more pronounced with each rejection,  I am compelled to work out my issues through the story of Leah and Rachel for my own sake if for no one else’s.

The week was a whirl in all the best ways.  Monday I taught in Fort Payne and ate desserts that changed my life.  They were all delicious but one was a lemon cheesecake tartlet of some sort and as of now all other sweets are dead to me.  Except for my beloved Key Lime Pie from Sweet Mama’s on St. Simon’s Island, GA but I must allow that the cheesecake was a contender for Best Food This Side of Heaven.  For those of you who know me, well, you know that is a monumental if not slightly hyperbolic statement.  (And if my sweet friends from Ft. Payne FBC are reading please know I am only assuming it was a cheesecake.  It may have been a pie. I am no sweet genius.  Either way, I didn’t ask because why bond with something I may never have the joy of tasting again?)

Tuesday we played baseball where I have been drafted as the official bookkeeper for the team – a position for which I am ill-qualified.  Each game I study the inside cover of the book in an attempt to record information that is somewhat meaningful later.  Let’s just say there has been some creative symbolism aka caveman drawings taking place and it will be a miracle if Coach can determine what stick men with cartoon “oops” balloons coming from their mouth is my symbol for “Error”.  My friend Robyn told me about a fabulous app she uses to keep book for her daughter’s softball team.  It sounds heavenly but here’s the reality:  She lives in Birmingham and they are slightly more advanced than we Sand Mountain bookkeepers.  I am confident we will not be making the electronic leap this year.  Or in any year that begins with 201_.  But I do appreciate your trying Robyn.  I want to be cool.  And live close to a Target.  And have pizza delivery and internet service that doesn’t have “Boonie” in the title.  But, these are the things we sacrifice for simplicity.  Have I mentioned lately I adore my small town?

I should also mention Tuesday was Tax Day.  If you are a minister’s family, then you understand why I spent the day finishing up with our accountant and then weeping silently.  Ministry Tax Code is a contemporary flogging of the Lord’s elect.

Wednesday night was church.  For the past several weeks we have been in a series Luke has simply entitled, “The Testimonies”. Each Wednesday one of our adults has agreed to share their story of faith with our combined youth and adult classes.  We weren’t sure how the youth would respond but they have been captivated and hit the door each week wanting to know who is next.  After each testimony, Luke has been sharing the gospel in a way relevant to what they have just heard.  This week, the atmosphere was so thick that I didn’t even close my eyes during closing prayer because I was confident in spirit that someone was going to be saved.  I was not wrong.  A darling 14 year old girl who we have loved since she was a child gave her heart and life to Christ.  It was beautiful.  What’s more is this week I’ve had contact with a mom saying her child wants to be born again but was just too shy to come before the crowd.  There is also another girl who wants to have more questions answered.  The Lord is at work in our church and He is certainly at work within our youth.  And that from the faith stories of the adults.  My point in all this?  TELL YOUR STORY.  They want to know it.  They need to know it.  It changes them and it changes you.

I don’t know what we did Thursday night.  As in, no clue whatsoever.

Friday night I travelled to Hokes Bluff to serve the precious women of the FBC at their annual women’s night.  I had the privilege of speaking there last year as well which consequently was just 2 weeks before the tornado.  I really hadn’t thought about how much had happened since my last visit with them and so I may have been just a wee bit emotional.  What a dumb cry baby.  I truly don’t know why you suffer me but I’m glad you do.  Because you are adorable.

Saturday Luke, Sydney and I went to the wedding of darlin’ RiLee.  She is a young woman special to me for many reasons that I won’t expound upon here.  Let’s just say I’ve rooted for her for so very long and believed the Lord had a hope and a future for her when perhaps she didn’t.  To see her beautiful self draped in white and that smiling face walking into the sunset with her cutie pie husband was joy fulfilled.  At several points during the ceremony and afterward Luke told Sydney not to even think about getting married. I can’t even imagine what  basket case he will be when his baby girl walks the aisle.  May I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Dumb Cry Baby.

Sunday we had a great message at church where Luke preached on the Sadduccees and the Scribe whom Jesus told, “You are close to the Kingdom”.  Unfortunately, really close might as well be a million miles away where relationship with Jesus is concerned.  How heartbreaking to think we were right there and didn’t step across the line. Or maybe we did step across it but didn’t venture further up, further in.  I am going to resist elaborating here because I’m a good 1000 words in and I’m guessing you are wanting this to wrap up like I am.  However, I can not conclude without saying Happy Birthday to our little buddy Casi who just turned 13 and invited us to his awesome birthday party Sunday afternoon.  The Lord is going to use that boy mightily for the Kingdom, of this I am confident.

Wow, if you are still with me then you must be easily entertained.  This is what a post looks like when a girl should have written daily but didn’t.  If you have forgotten half of what I’ve blabbered on about then allow me to suggest talking points for comments:

1. A dessert that changed your life.

2. The sports your kids play and if you’ve ever gotten roped into being team mom, scorekeeper, coach, etc.

3. Ideas for relating with church youth. ( HELP!)

4. If you’ve ever cried in front of a crowd of people.  Awkwardly.  And….

5. ….the best message your pastor has preached lately. 


Let’s hear it!