So I stopped making excuses for not writing regularly long ago but the reason for this – the greatest neglect ever – has to do with a pretty significant life transition, i.e., I got a job!  A real live, punch the clock, work Monday through Friday 8-4 job.

Long story short, I had been seeking the Lord on whether to make that leap.  I had lots of requirements… had to be a good environment.  Had to be close to home.  Had to be work I thought I would actually enjoy.  Had to be supportive of my itinerant ministry (within reason of course..i won’t be asking off every other day!).  Had to be work I thought I would actually enjoy.   So, I cast my bread upon the waters and one of those crumbs returned to me in the form of an offer I couldn’t refuse.

I absolutely love my new position and I couldn’t ask for better coworkers but I won’t pretend I haven’t grieved the change.  For 16 years I have been a SAHM.  I adore being ever-present for my kids and available to Luke and our home church ministry.  I’m still navigating my way through that one and trying to figure out what life is going to look like and how to keep all the balls in the air and which ones I’m going to have to let drop.  In some ways, this season has felt like the death of something.  Maybe the death of what I thought life and ministry would look like at this point.  But every day I feel the Lord nudging me to pay attention and glean from this new experience.  Already I am gaining a new appreciation for how very difficult it is for the working woman who deeply desires intimacy with God and yet whose work requires her thoughts to be otherwise consumed for great blocks of time each day.  Gone are the leisurely mornings I used to spend with the Lord in my local park and so it has been paramount to me to find a new place and way to communicate with Him that feels right and good and rich.

So I know this is a short update but when I think of the things I don’t want to let drop forever, I can never get to the place where this little blog would be one of them.  I still love it and I hope to get back to some regularity in writing and connecting with you, my friends.

Talk again soon!