Winding Down 2012

It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting under the last twinklings of the Christmas tree before it all comes down for another year.  I’m also freaking out a little that one of the gifts tucked safely underneath just a few short days ago is now hovering over my head in the form of a remote control helicopter Sam got from Santa which he has not yet learned how to properly navigate. He has mastered one direction – and that is down and quickly.  I’m a nervous wreck. But why should today be different from any other for a woman surrounded by teenage boys?

I knew I’d not been around in a long time but I didn’t realize how long until I opened up my WordPress editor and realized the entire format had changed on me.  I’m not even sure if I qualify as a blogger anymore but it feels good to say hello at any rate.  I’ve missed writing and connecting with you, my not-so-imaginary friends!  If life and ministry have been as busy for you as they have been in the McKay house then I do not have to explain why the computer has taken a back-burner as I’ve worked to establish a new normal as a working ministry wife, mom, and part-time itinerant speaker chick.

It’s the last part of that description that needs a quick update.  Yes!  I am still in the Bible teaching business!  I’ve run into a couple of friends as of late who read I had gone back to work and assumed I had quit ministry.  Nothing is further from the truth though my work schedule has required that I not make as many commitments as in the past.  Also, if you have been trying to contact me via email please know that spammers have gotten ahold of the one here on my website and are assaulting me with hundreds of offers for indecent products and activities on a daily basis.  I’ve had to delete my old address and replace it with another that is now embedded in my contact form.  It’s most likely a matter of time before they get this one too but I didn’t want anyone trying to contact me at the old address (Lisa AT a Preachers Wife DOT com) to think I am ignoring you.

After an extended absence I don’t even know where to begin in catching up so let me leave it at this:  I have the utmost respect for the full-time working woman who can bring home the bacon and find the time to fry it up in the pan versus bringing it home from McDonald’s.  Dude.  It’s taken a good 5 or 6 months to finally hit what feels like a decent stride but we are getting there.  I’m still struggling in the meal department so here’s my question for you… Do you have some great crock pot recipes you want to share with me?  Have some yummy stuff pinned on Pinterest?  I’d be ever so grateful if you would help a sister out.  I thank you. More importantly, my family thanks you.

I sincerely pray you had a wonderful Christmas and 2013 is one that marked by God moving in your lives in a measure unequaled at any other time.  I’m asking Him to blow my mind this year and that has to begin by my blowing His I suppose.  Here’s to breaking up the fallowed ground.

And lastly, would you please look at these darling children?  Yes, they are mine and they are grown.  Please make it stop.



Let me hear what is going on with you?!