Love of Epic Proportion…

For anyone who is a mother of multiple children, you can probably relate to the feeling of failure when they are constantly bickering or hurling insults at one another. As a mom, one of my main goals in life is to foster a loving bond between my four kids that will last a lifetime. I wish I had a nickel for everytime I’ve reminded them our house is one another’s ‘safe place’ and if even if no one else on the planet cared a thing about us, we could still come home and be assured we are loved.

I have wondered many times if they hear me at all when I get on my rants, but my oldest proved to me today that at least some of it is getting through. I went to his class party and he pulled out a poem he had written to the classic, “Twas the Night Before Christmas..” When he told me he had written it about his little pesky brother, I was ready for an epic recounting all the horrors of their day-to-day struggles. But instead, I was touched to my core when I read this:

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring….
except my little brother.

He wanted to see Saint Nick
but for Santa not to see him
he would need some kind of trick.
He sat and thought for a good long while,
he went through Coke after Coke
and left the cans in a pile. (sounds like his mom?)
After a bit there was a light bulb
and a ‘ding ding’,
He barely had time to act
before he heard sleigh bells ring.
It was simple, really
Pretend to be asleep,
be still as a stone
and don’t make a peep.
Then Santa came in through our front door
to drop off our presents and
then on he would soar.
He put every toy beneath the tree
and walked out the back door
filled with glee.
Sam sneaked onto Santa’s sleigh
but Santa was aware,
‘I’m sorry but you can’t come”,
with his eyes full of care.
“Just one quick ride, after all it’s Christmas day,”
said little Sam with a frown of dismay.
“Well, alright, hop in the back. ”
Then they vanished without leaving a track.
Sam woke Christmas morning
with a note by his side
that said “From Santa,
Hope you enjoyed the ride…..”
I’ve never seen little Sam be so gentle than when he held this poem and realized his brother wrote it for him.

Be still my heart…..