Happy 40th Honey!

It would just be awesome of you girls to give a shout out to my darling Luke who is

40 Years Old TODAY!

I have been threatened with destruction of my computer if I put his 80’s mullet pictures on here like I wanted, so I must let his appearance remain a mystery – for now.

As for celebrating, we are on our way tonight with friends to a new Mexican Restaurant called Abuelos. Not sure if it is a chain? I hear it’s yummy and I’m already getting my partying shoes ready.

Happy Birthday, Honey… There is nothing more comforting in my life than knowing I have you as a protector and companion ’til death do us part and that our children have a godly dad who wants nothing more than to look like Jesus to them. I am forever grateful God changed all the plans for my life and made Himself and you the center of it.

40 never looked so good!!