Survey: The Effect of Ministry on Its Marriages

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It’s time for another Married to the Ministry Survey! In case you haven’t noticed, there is now a tab on my navigation bar that holds the archives for all the previous surveys we’ve done. Whether you are a ministry wife or layperson, I hope you’ll use all the great insight there as a resource for building stronger relationships between the leadership and members of the Body of Christ.

Our topic today relates to ministry marriages.

We have already talked about how every wife is first and foremost called to support her husband no matter what his vocation. However, we agree that a different dynamic is in place for ministry families considering hubby is on call 24/7. It’s a gracious wife who gives her husband the freedom he needs to perform his duties without fear of her becoming bitter. However, even the most forgiving woman can finally get a belly full.

So let’s talk for a bit about the how ministry may sometimes adversely affect a marriage.

* Ministry Wives

1. How has the ministry negatively affected your marriage, if ever? In what ways has it strengthened it?

2. Do you and your husband ever experience strife that is directly tied to his vocation? Is there something your hubby does that makes you steaming mad? Does he ever take advantage of your graciousness? (We are not husband-bashing here so remember that when leaving comments :)

3. Have you ever argued with your hubby immediately before he was supposed to preach/teach/lead music and felt guilty later?

4. What part has the limited income of ministry played in your families’ stress?

5. I ask this with much compassion and sensitivity, but have the pressures of ministry been the root of any moral breakdown in your marriage? Please answer anonymously.

* Lay People

1. Do you perceive that any of your ministers’ wives make their husband’s job difficult?

2. Is she overall supportive or does she begrudge what is required of him?

3. Do you think your church demands have ever contributed to marital stress for your ministry families?

4. Have any of your ministry marriages ever been in serious distress? If so, what steps, if any did your church take to help?

As always, these questions are a sampling of many I’m sure could be asked. Don’t feel you have to answer every question, simply comment on what you’ve experienced. If you have a different perspective not presented here, please feel free to share it.

Thank you for all your input!