How About a Ministry Wife Retreat?

Hello Girls!

This has definitely been the week of the Ministry Wife around here so there’s no better time than now to present an idea to you. 

A planning team is being formed as we speak to host a ministry wife retreat sometime next spring.  There are many prayers to pray and things to consider, but the primary one is YOU!  Many of you responded on the Facebook teaser that you would be interested in this type of event but what we need to know now is A)  your location  B) how far you would be willing to travel  and C) if you would prefer a hotel venue, host church that would require a hotel stay, or a retreat center.    

I’m certain we’ll be asking many more questions in the very near future but this should get us started.  If you aren’t a ministry wife, please answer for your own ministry wives if you would be willing to arrange for her to attend!  Now THAT would be a fabulous gift she would appreciate!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.   Again, can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Scavenger Hunting with you!