Various and Sundry

hope y’all are having an excellent week.  I’m preparing to head to Thompson Station, TN for a weekend retreat with the women of West Hartselle Baptist.  I absolutely can not wait to meet God in the glory of the changing leaves and to hug my Siesta Friend, Dianne Walters!  There are a few things I need to purge so here it goes, it no particular order…


1.  We have a winner for the first Casting Crowns cd giveaway….


Stephanie at Confessions of a Not So Perfect Pastor’s Wife

Congratulations, Stephanie! Please email your mailing address to lisa AT apreacherwife DOT com so I can have the cd shipped to you.

For those of you who haven’t read Stephanie’s blog, she has a great post right now about raising hands in worship.  Y’all check her out!

MW’s don’t forget I’m giving away another copy for those who submit blogs and fall photos to be featured on M2M for November 4th.

2.  I’m feeling guilty because I excluded lay people from the Casting Crown cd. So I have another one for CIVILIANS i.e., those who are NOT married to the ministry only.  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post .  That’s all.  And PW’s, I will make your giveaway easier next time.  I’m sorry I’m so complicated.  You should be Luke.

3.  I went to Marshall’s this week because I’ve been on a hunt for some ankle boots with a wedge heel.  I told y’all about the pair I found in Florida for $499 that I’ve grieved until now.  I say grieved but the more time has passed, the more angry I’ve gotten over them.   It is an insult to our intelligence to charge $500 for shoes that most likely cost $15 to manufacture.  So imagine my delight when I found some practically just like them for THIRTY-NINE NINETY- NINE.  There was also a sign in the store that said, “The poncho sweater is where its at.”  Under the sign hung various poncho sweaters.  So I bought one and wore it today.  I don’t feel any different.

4.  Sydney is making great progress with the colonial home.  We still do not have a chamber pot.  This is a good thing.

5.  Something I never told y’all that Sydney and I laughed over for the hundredth time a while ago.  When she and I were in Gatlinburg a few weekends ago, we stopped in Bath and Body Works.  There was a little girl of about 10 wreaking havoc all over the store while her mother paid her no attention whatsoever.  She came and stood by us as Syd was smelling a candle.  Syd said, “Mmmmm, this smells like apple!”  The little girl, not having any idea I was looking at her said, “That’s because it says apple on the label, you idiot.”  I looked down at her, jaw dropped in disbelief with what I know must have been a “No you didn’t just say that” look on my face.  She glanced up about that time, realized I heard her and immediately transformed from demon child to Shirley Temple with the hugest, fakest smile you’ve ever seen.  And then she promptly ran away to her mother. It was truly a $10,000 video moment.  Instead of whipping her behind for calling my daughter an idiot I wanted to hug her for making us laugh harder than we had the entire weekend.

6.  Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for this week’s Called Out article.   For those of you who are submitting your writing, THANK YOU!  I love hearing your experiences and perspectives.  Also, Rachel has done such a great job working these submissions and getting them edited and posted.  You girls are the best.

Hugs all around!