A Chris Tomlin Giveaway

I’m not one who typically does reviews. Not because I don’t appreciate the opportunities but because if I can’t say anything nice I don’t want to say anything at all. I feel guilty for taking a book or cd, etc. if I’m not pretty confident I can say all wonderful things about it. I find it is much more fun to cheer on my brothers and sisters in Christ for a job well done rather than discredit the product of their blood, sweet, and tears. So maybe it’s not really fair to say this is a review but rather a shout out to our boy CHRIS TOMLIN who once again has not disappointed with his latest release, “And If Our God is For Us“.

I find the Lord often sends a cd into my life as background music to my most recent turmoils.  The very pressing need of my current prayers have everything to do with trusting that the Lord is always, always on my side even when it feels like He is being mean or asking more of me than He does the average Joe.  Or Jane.  Or whatever.  God’s good intention towards us is perhaps one of the greatest gifts of faith and I don’t know a single person on this planet who doesn’t need to be reminded of that fact on a regular basis.  I was thinking just this thing as I was reading through Chris’ thoughts on the theme of this album. (And no, I didn’t talk to him personally though that would have been awesome to have been able to ask him questions like “Where’d you get that awesome leather jacket you are wearing on the cd cover?” and “Dude!  Louis Giglio is your pastor? Can you get me a signed laminin t-shirt?”.) 

Yep.  There’s a reason I’m not granted interviews with cool people.  (Except that is sort of a total lie because I have one coming up really soon with someone who was just too sweet to say no.  You don’t want to miss it!) 

Back to Chris’  thoughts:   

“For the longest time I had a different title for the album,” Tomlin shares. “At the end of the day though, I really came back to ‘And If Our God Is For Us. . .’ I just love that statement because if you really believe in God, everything is possible. Miracles can happen and all things are available to you no matter what you are going through. There’s a scripture that tells you that God is for you so who can be against you. I love the hope that’s in that statement.”

Well said, brother. And well sung. 

And here’s the awesome part!  The friendlies at The{m}collective have provided a copy of Chris’ cd to give to you.  To enter, simply leave a comment telling us the title of your favorite Chris Tomlin song.  If you aren’t familiar with him, no worries.  Just promise Chris he will become your favorite artist ever if you win the cd.  I will leave the entries open until Wednesday and choose a winner on Thursday. 

A Sweet Giveaway

For any of you who know much of my back story, you’ll remember I didn’t become a Christian until I was 21-ish.  When I began attending church regularly I was familiar with some of the hymns that were sung but knew none of the ‘choir specials’.  The whole realm of Christian music was wide open for discovery.  Luke and I went to Bible College and to be honest, I was a little uptight where this new-fangled ‘contemporary’ Christian music was concerned.  I mean really.. a drum beat?  Melodies that sounded like they belonged on secular radio?  “Surely sinful”, said I.  I had repented of Prince and Janet Jackson so in my estimation any sound that even hinted of  ‘Purple Rain’  had to go.

I finally got over my prudeness after a friend introduced me to the radical stylings of Steve Green and I realized I really liked the departure from the uber-traditional.  I still appreciate the great theology in the classic hymns but I’m no longer a zealot in what is permissible as long as it is Christ-honoring. (Hence my affinity for TobyMac and Kirk Franklin.  They fill the Prince-sized void in my soul.)   Once I came to that realization, one of the first groups whose cd I actually purchased was Point of Grace (Free to Fly!). I heard them at a Women of Faith conference and just fell in love with the harmony and the flat out way I was encouraged when I listened to their songs. 

So when I received an email that Heather Payne of the group had released a solo cd and also asked if I would be interested in telling you about it, I was all, “Ummm, yes, sign me up please.”   So here I am telling you that if you are in love with those POG girls and also love classic hymns, then Heather’s “Sweet Exchange” is for you.  The title track is great but she had me at ‘Be Thou My Vision’.  One of the greatest songs, EVER.  There is a listening party HERE for you to check out the album in its entirety.   

And I know it is totally irrelevant, but as I’m looking at the cd cover it is worth a mention that Heather’s outfits are adorable.  I need to know where she got that ruffled shirt on the back and the open cardigan on the front.  And something else I didn’t know about her?  She’s a minister’s wife and mom of four.  So of course she is awesome.

The best part of all this jabber is that Heather’s people have offered 2 copies of her cd for me to give to you.  To enter, simply tell us the name of your favorite hymn!  And as a side note,  does your church sing them in a key you can hit?  Ours is high and since I can’t go there, I have to dig deep and come out with some bass.  “Where the Soul of Man Never Dies” is my favorite.  I sing Johnny Cash’s part and it’s really something to hear.   Just ask anyone to my right or left or front or rear. 

Wait, they’ve moved. 

(Y’all remind me to tell you about the time I accidentally ended up in the soprano section of our Bible college musical in which I played the part of a pregnant angel.)

 I will collect entries until Thursday and announce the winner on Friday.  Be certain to leave a current email in the entry so I’ll have a way to contact the winner! 

‘Cute Shoes’  Online Discussion                         ~Chapter Six and a Giveaway!


I will select a winner  of the giveaway and post her name on Monday.   I’m not going to close comments so the discussion can continue but know that the current entry 37 will be the cut off for the giveaway.  In the meantime, I’m headed out the door to the ATL to see Mama Beth and worship with 10,000 of my closest friends.  I hope to see lots of you there!  I’ll tell you all about it when I get back!   xoxoxoxo   Lisa

Hey Girls!  It’s time for us to jump back in to our book discussion but it seems rude to get straight to business without catching up for a bit first.

Last week was Spring Break and the weather was p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n.  Luke and I cleaned out our storage building and if we’d had a camera crew could have easily filmed our own segment of American Pickers.  If I were a better blogger I would have some pictures for you.  The reality is I’m a stinky blogger so you’ll have to envision my awesome locker baskets that I’ve held on to for years waiting to find just the right place for them and the box of old metal toy trucks Luke bought at an auction before we met.   We also have an antique bed that was manufactured by the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Furniture Co. in 1927 and an old laxative tin that came out of my great-grandmother’s pie safe.  The medication is long since gone but I’m thinking the tin would look cool on a shelf in our bathroom.  An inspiration piece of sorts.

The kids went to their grandparent’s house in Georgia Thursday.  Luke spoke at a banquet for a ministry we dearly love on Thursday night.  Friday we hit every homebuilding supply store in a 100 mile radius to gather ideas.  Saturday morning I spoke at a women’s luncheon for a group of adorable women with some serious skillz in the food/decor department.  (I’ll show pictures and tell you more about them in a couple of days.  Lots of great ideas from their event.)  Saturday afternoon Luke and I drove to Cartersville, GA to see the house we are building in real life.  A developer has it for sale so the darlin’ realtor let us go in and spend lots of time taking pictures, etc. so we could see if it felt like home. (It totally did.)  I am challenged when it comes to seeing a house plan in 3D so the tour was gold.

And then it was Sunday and since all the kids were still gone I got to church on time. 


And now that I’ve finally worked myself around to church, let’s get to our discussion on ‘Embracing Your Thing’.  I’m going to pitch out some straight forward questions.  I also want to point out to you that I’ve added a plug-in that allows you to reply to various commenters.  I’m trying to use that more to communicate with you and I hope you will use it as well to talk back and forth with one another.  Don’t forget to begin your response with your name, state, and area of ministry.

This chapter deals with our individual giftedness and how that is manifested in our congregations.   Let’s talk about it!

1.  What is your favorite area of ministry within the church and are you currently serving there?

2.  Which activities and ministries are you doing that fall outside your personal calling?

3.  Would you characterize your contribution to the body as exhilarating or exhausting?  Keep in mind that exhilarated exhaustion is not the same as burnout exhaustion. 

4.  If you are burned out, what are some of the reasons you’ve not yet stepped out of the fire?

5. Has caring for young children or perhaps aging parents caused you to grieve being unable to do more with the church? In what ways has the Lord confirmed caregiving is the ministry ordained for you in this season?


I’m looking forward to hearing your answers on this one!  To thank you for your participation, I’m going to give away two more copies of the book for those of you who don’t yet have it.  Simply leave a comment telling us if you are hoping to win one for yourself or your pastor’s wife.  I’ll announce a winner on Thursday.

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