‘You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes’ Online Discussion Group Roll Call

The time has come for the most fun part of this whole book thing —  working through it with you in real time!  I won’t ever be able to thank all of you enough for participating in the surveys that helped form many of the topics and for the great community that has formed here.  Rest assured, girlfriends, you are a huge part of every single chapter whether you are a ministry wife or not!

I’m really hoping that both lay people and ministry wives will participate in our discussions because my heart during this entire project was to facilitate  relationship-building based on some mutual understanding that is sometimes lacking in our churches.  Can we all agree there are times when making the effort to walk in one another’s shoes (their cute shoes no less!) would diffuse the hot messes we can brew?

I’ve really debated some different platforms in which to hold our discussions.  I considered a Blog Talk Radio format just because I think that sounds like so much fun but I know schedules are crazy and how would we all be able to participate?  I also love the video chat but there is the same issue with timing as well as the limitation in the number of people that can log in at one time.  For those reasons, here’s how we are going to do this thing:

1.  This post is roll call. Please register by leaving your name, state of residence, and area of ministry (if applicable) as well as time you’ve served. (Sounds like jail, doesn’t it?)    If you are a layperson, please note that as well.

2. Tuesday, March 2 will be the first discussionand will cover Chapters One and Two.  Some weeks will only cover one chapter depending on the likelihood of much more discussion. (Conflict, etc.)  I will post discussion questions and then give you a few days to respond.  On a designated day, I’ll respond to  your responses.  To which you can respond.  And then we’ll just do it all over again.  Capiche?

3.  If you don’t already have a copy of the book, here is a list of online and storefront retailers.  In short, you can find it anywhere books are sold.

Remember, we aren’t beginning until Tuesday, March 2.  That gives you roughly two weeks to get a book and get the reading done.  We can do this!

Okay, ready to hear from you…this will be so fun!